Solutions Overview

Our solutions are based on the type of technical community you need, as the purpose of the community will drive the technology design, usage model and sponsor participation needs.

Our ISV Community Solution targets a corporate developer network. This solution ensures that your company has the right environment to interact with customers, partners and other external stakeholders. Goals of this type of community include user self-support, stimulation of community-generated content (CGC), building customer loyalty and facilitating lead generation and improving partner program management. Cognisync has designed and constructed this type of community for Informatica, Nextel International and Tyco, Inc.

Our General Technical Community Solution is for creating a community not tied to a specific company. This solution ensures that your community has the right design to support congruent goals of multiple sponsors. Cognisync has developed this type of community for the cable industry, to drive adoption of the Open Cable specification, and for the Linux Foundation, to promote certification of various Linux distributions.

Our Free/Open Source Software Community Solution focuses on helping you create a web presence to house your open source software, build affinity and drive usage and development participation. This solution combines our knowledge of why a company would open-source software, with our technical solution to enable the vision to be achieved. Our primary example of this type of community is, designed, developed and managed by Cognisync.

All of our solutions are designed to build a robust and Level 3+ Community, as depicted by the Technology Community Maturity Model below: