Services Overview

Our services span the lifecycle of a community, from conception to launch to growth and management. We specialize in one thing - building vibrant online communities with a purpose of driving technology adoption.

Services Approach

The diagram to the right depicts the framework for our consulting services. In our view, a healthy technology community has three major components that need to be in alignment: the sponsor, the member needs, and the environment within which they exist.

Sponsor Alignment and Participation:

Companies and organizations engage in sponsoring technology communities for a variety of reasons, and its important that these goals are always a factor when considering site design, target market, intended activities and performance metrics.

External Environmental Elements:

Communities without context always fail. The advent of Web 2.0 has resulted in an abundance of communities on the internet. When we work with our clients, we help them assess the impact of external elements such as competitor communities, synergistic communities and information aggregation portals in devising their own community strategy.

Community Needs Awareness:

"If we build it, will they come?" is the fundamental question of any online community. In technology communities, this question is directed at identifying the target audience and the "itch" that needs to be scratched. Balancing the desires of the constituency while marching toward achievement of sponsor goals is what we call the Great Balancing Act of technology communities.