TCP: Technology Community Platform

TCP (Technology Community Platform) is a feature-rich, stand-alone social publishing platform, designed and configured for the specific purpose of supporting a community of users around a software product or technology. The following diagram depicts the TCP architecture:

Business Benefits of a TCP-based Developer Network:

  • Increase customer and partner loyalty
  • Accelerate product adoption
  • Drive new client acquisition and cross-selling
  • Drive consulting services revenue
  • Improve product roadmap planning
  • Create efficiencies in parter and sales management
  • Reduce support costs
  • Build competitive barriers

Key Features of TCP

  • Ready-made Product Communities. TCP comes out-of-the-box with your product community areas already defined, simply tailor the content to your products, upload your assets (SDKs, Sample Code, Tutorials, etc) and you're ready to foster that relationship with your users.
  • Pre-configured Roles and Security. TCP has pre-defined roles tailored to the standard relationships in an ISV ecosystem (customers, partners, product management, etc), enabling ability to craft a unique experience for your users and implement proper access controls.
  • Premium Access Capability. TCP has the ability to segregate content and functionality (i.e. discussion forums) for customers and partners, extending the value of your support offerings.
  • Early Access Program Support. Employing the role-based access to content, TCP enables you to implement a program for early access or trial access to your software products and manage security keys.
  • Virtual User Groups. TCP provides you the ability to create a single web presence for all of your physical user groups, as well as enable virtual user groups for areas that may not have a critical mass of users, or for new markets.
  • Industry Groups. TCP has special groups configured to bring together your sales managers and engineers, partners and customers to collaborate on issues specific to a particular industry.
  • Eclipse Plugin. TCP has a plugin to the Eclipse IDE, enabling your users to retrieve, publish and subscribe to your community without ever leaving their IDE. This feature gives you maximum access to your user community.

TCP is offered in a Basic or Premium configuration, allowing you to evolve your infrastructure to support your community strategy. See TCP Product Packages for a feature comparison.